Build your gun safety and shooting skills


We believe in strengthening the American values of freedom, family and responsibility. That's why Bullseye Guns offers a family-friendly environment for learning about gun safety and how to shoot. Check out our training courses and practice at our indoor shooting range (Jacksonville, FL location only)


Indoor Shooting Range (Jacksonville, FL location only)


Air conditioned. Open 7 days a week.
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Courses & Class Schedules

Topics Covered:
  • Basic Handgun Safety
  • Proper Types of Ammunition
  • Proper Shooting Positions
  • Sight Alignment/Picture
  • Range Safety
  • 50 Rounds of Live Fire on Indoor Range


$69.95 not Including Firearms & Ammo


Completion of this course meets the training requirements for a concealed weapons permit in Florida. If you are not interested in a concealed weapons permit, this training should instill confidence that you could safely use a handgun in your home if the need arises.


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