Purpose Built



Through partnerships with affiliate companies such as BH Defense, a firm known worldwide as defense experts and for their 100% success rate mitigating risks in the worlds most difficult environments (including current on-the-ground operations in Iraq), BH Defense has acquired rare, highly advanced and sought after weapons systems unseen by most. Now, BH Defense's surplus can be purchased through Bullseye Guns. TrackingPoint's precision guided weapons systems are available as well as the most accurate and powerful handgun known, the FK Brno. This hand gun was created solely around a revolutionary cartridge, the 7.5FK. The concept was conceived, developed, and tested by BH Defense and their affiliates. 


Here at Bullseye Guns we are not only able to provide you with precision weapons, but also have the means to create custom designs. If you can dream it we can build it!  From modifying an existing gun to fabricating from the ground up, let Bullseye Guns zero you in. 

See below for more information on our purpose built precision weaponry.