Firearm Safety Rules



Bullseye Guns Inc. serves American communities by providing quality tactical, sporting, precision weapons, and personal-protection firearms for our citizens. We are dedicated to firearm safety and the well-being of gun owners. Here you will learn the basics of firearm safety to ensure no harm comes to the operator, their family, friends or others.

Accidents do occur, however mitigation of them is absolutely critical while a firearm is being handled. Learn the basics here, then locate a dealer or range near you for professional hands-on training. Bullseye Gun and Indoor Range offers handgun orientation classes by over-the-phone appointment.

Rule 1

When handling a firearm of any kind, treat as if always loaded.

Rule 2

Getting comfortable with your firearm is important. Every gun is a different, becoming familiar with the way it feels, handles, and fires on a regular basis will help you not only become a better shot, but also decrease accidental chances. Always use proper eye and ear protection.

Rule 3

Keep the end of the barrel (muzzle) pointed in a safe direction at all times. This will ensure no harm is inflicted to any person if in the event the firearm accidentally were to fire.

Rule 4

The trigger is to only be pulled when you intentionally make the decision to pull it. Keep fingers and objects away and clear of the trigger and outside the trigger guard that surrounds it.

Rule 5

Check your target and the surrounding environment for anything that may disrupt a safe shot, every shot.   

Rule 6

Fully understand your firearm’s built-in safety features. These safety features vary for different firearms based on their distinctive mechanical differences. Look over all existing safety features before any kind of firearm use.

Rule 7

Stow and secure your firearm properly. Guns should never be stowed in any unlocked place. Use a storage device that is designed to contain a firearm safely such as a: personal safe or lock box. Trigger locks can be added for additional storage safety.    

Rule 8

Family and friends should also be educated on firearm safety. This includes children that are of an appropriate age.

Rule 9

Make sure all users have been properly trained. It is absolutely imperative that any user that is operating your firearm has been trained in a proper fashion before any kind use.  

Rule 10

Gun maintenance is an essential component to gun ownership. This component includes: use, cleanliness, and service when it is necessary. Select ammunition that is of good quality and of the correct caliber. Frequently cleaning and lubricating the components within your firearm will prevent gunk build-up and keep lubricity high.